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What: The New Albany Kids Marathon is a VIRTUAL MARATHON in which school-age kids who reside in the New Albany-Plain Local School District, ages 4-18, will promote their health by walking or running. Use of bikes and wheelchairs are also welcome!

When: Participants have from April 1 to May 31, 2020 to accumulate 26.2 miles

Where: Anywhere!

Distance: 26.2 miles (accumulated over time at the participants own pace)

Cost: FREE! - A donation to Healthy New Albany would help our nonprofit continue services during these trying times. Donations can be made on the registration site.

During these trying times, it is important for kids to be physically active and at the same time, be motivated to complete a full marathon distance. Accumulate 26.2 miles between April 1, 2020 and May 31, 2020. Physical activity helps keep our immune system healthy thereby reducing the risk of contracting a virus or the severity of an illness.


How it Works

Students who are between 4-18 years of age must be registered by a parent or legal guardian.  They must reside in the New Albany school district.  Registration and participation are FREE! You can choose to donate to Healthy New Albany while registering so that we can continue to serve our community as best as possible during these trying times. Beginning April 1, 2020 and ending May 31, 2020, participants will be expected to complete a full marathon, 26.2 miles.

  • Participating with parents and siblings is highly recommended as this is an opportunity for family connectiveness through physical activity.  Participation with those outside one’s immediate family is highly discouraged in an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19.

  • Each child must be registered separately.  

  • To register for the New Albany Kids Marathon, click here. Participants are expected to track their own mileage (with the help of their families). Download the sample activity log linked below - this log can be printed and filled in to keep track of mileage.

  • No more than 3 miles should be logged on any one day regardless of the number of additional miles covered. This is not a competitive event and it is important to continue to promote sustained movement.

  • There are a number of ways to earn your marathon miles: You can walk and receive a credit of one mile for every 20 minutes or 2000 steps, bike and get one mile every 15 minutes, move in a wheelchair and receive credit for one mile every 10 minutes or swim and receive credit for one mile every 25 minutes.

  • Participants will be expected to accumulate the number of miles (26.2) to complete a full marathon.

  • Upon completion of 26.2 miles, submit the form below for validation and to receive a prize!


Tips for Staying Healthy

  • Don’t run in large groups. Experts are advising that people avoid coming into contact with anyone they do not live with. We do encourage you to run, walk, bike or ride with your immediate family!

  • Try and run, bike or ride at “off-peak” hours. This will help reduce the risk of contact with others.

  • Don’t run if you’re sick. If you're feeling under the weather you run the risk of spreading the virus, so it’s best to stay home. Plus, rest will help your health improve more quickly!

  • Don’t touch anything on your run. Carry your own water bottle, wait for traffic lights to switch rather than touching the buttons, etc.

  • Give yourself plenty of space from others. If you do encounter other people while you’re out, maintain at least 6 feet of distance from them.

  • Try to avoid hard workouts. While long-distance running has been tied to better immunity, putting forth too much effort could have the opposite. This is why we encourage participants to log no more than 3 miles per day.

  • Please view the important letter below from Dr. Amy Valasek, MD, MS, Nationwide Children's Hospital:

Dr. Amy Valasek, MD, MS

March 31, 2020


To my community:

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all facets of physical activity within our community. The direct impact of closed schools, gymnasiums, playgrounds, parks, sports fields, fitness centers, studios and the cessation of team sports has created an undeniable void. Still physical and social distancing remain imperative for our community as the virus continues to spread across Ohio.

Nevertheless, during this challenging time, all families and children should remain physically active. Physical activity positively impacts overall health and the immune system and concurrently decreases stress and anxiety. The New Albany Virtual Marathon provides an opportunity for healthy movement of all children over the next two months. Outdoor family exercise is safe if the COVID-19 prevention measures (social distancing, hand washing with soap, avoid touching the face, and stay home if sick) are followed. These prevention measures still remain paramount in the weeks ahead for our community.

Please see more information from The American College of Sports Medicine on exercise during the pandemic.


Staying Active During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Keeping Children Active During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Be smart. Stay safe. Stick with your immediate family. Continue to exercise!


Wishing everyone well,

Dr. Amy Valasek, MD, MS

Assistant Professor

Department of Pediatrics

Division of Sports Medicine

Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Healthy New Albany

c/o New Albany Kids Marathon

150 W. Main St, Suite B

New Albany, OH 43054

Tel: 614-685-6343


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